Monday, December 12, 2011

Ring, Ring!

I answered the phone and it was Vogue, yes.... American Vogue calling wanting to come by and see my place of establishment ..... hmmmmm..... my studio apartment, you mean ( voices inside of my head saying.... wait.... they can't come here)!!! Well that was in 2004... in a tiny apartment on the Upper East Side which looked alot like this. I recall it like it was yesterday.... my opportunity to show the world my "babies" that lived inside..... call me the hat lady, yes much like the cat lady! Eventually, the reasons for me to move out of the little apartment with very humble beginnings!

There is more..... stay tuned!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Trunk Shows!

This month's trunk shows proved to be a success with many sales and interest in the brand! Look for LB hats on the streets of NY and NJ..... the brand is gaining yet more momentum!!!! We started off with a trunk show in Henri Bendel and finished off with a BANG in Maplewood, NJ at a friend's collaborative trunk show at her house! If you are interested in hosting a trunk show please contact us for more info! It was such a success we would love to share our FAB hats with all of your friends!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!! and Happy Hatting to all!!!!

LB ;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bumping into the "Buttercup"!

I finished the morning session of a collaborative HOLIDAY TRUNK show at my friend Colleen's house in the neighborhood! It was fun to meet other women in my area and have them try on the hats.... After the show was over I left in my car and went into town. I was stunned to run into another "BUTTERCUP" on the street! Another women from my neighborhood was wearing her "BUTTERCUP" hat too..... so funny! And...... did I happen to mention, this hat was featured in the InStyle Makeover Fall edition!

Happy Hatting! I think I'm onto something......

LB ;)