Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vintage hat of the moment!

I'm in love with this vintage hat with the oversized crown in this picture! It is smokin'! I may have to resurrect this number! I love vintage hats!!! It is a part of the past that keeps me creating the future! I love all things vintage! It was a time when craftsmanship was really valued! Nowadays, we live in a culture which is all about fast fashion and made in China. We have really lost all appreciation for what is quality or so it seems. It is all about aesthetics to me and how we present ourselves! A hat says a lot about the person. It has a character all of it's own. When choosing a hat remember these words! Your hat will leave a lasting impression!

Monday, November 29, 2010

The beauty of handmade!

I entertained a house full of guests this past week! The house was full and lively, something I tend to cherish this time of year! My mom brought a scarf set for my daughter that a friend of her's had hand knitted! It was adorable.... then it really dawned on me how special it was because it was made just for my daughter and the thought that my mom's friend had knitted it especially for her. Gifts like this are rare, especially with mass produced being the norm.

My hats are all handmade and entirely handstitched. The creases and folds are unique and asymmetrical because they are all handsculpted! That makes them special and really unlike any other hats you see in the marketplace. Other milliners use preformed blocks in hat shapes and use sewing machines to stitch the headsweats in place. I use a pick stitch to hand sew in each headsweat to the hat. All of these qualities constitute each hat as a one of a kind. The time and effort that goes into a hat is really what sets the hats apart. It is the season that makes me reflect on the true meaning of handcrafted and handmade which is what I am truly about.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Apre' Ski hats!

It's time to get your ski groove on! I am rocking a cool skiing fedora with brushed metal chains! I am ready to hit the slopes hard with this chic hat! The girls in the rockin' hats will be sporting my new hats! Get ready to party!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx LB ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Peacock and Indigo!

I used to love all dark colors and something lately has me singing the shades of Peacock and Indigo! I am in love with these colors! Recently, Winkworth in Red Hook, Brooklyn commissioned me to design hats in these shades using Susie's (co-owner of Winkworth) mother's/grandmother's trimmings! These trimmings are the findings of a fine Scottish woman! Hopefully these hats will make her proud! Enjoy the sneak peak of the "Buttercup" hats coming soon to Winkworth Brooklyn, 119 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY(718) 243-2296

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Swanky Bowler!

I have added a classic to my collection! The bowler hat is making me swoon! Neat and classic and oh so austere! This hat is hot! I was commissioned by Sadie, a boutique in NJ to design this little number and I have to say.... it is smokin..... LOVE this hat! This makes a great holiday gift for your special someone! I am doing black with black grosgrain and grey with grey grograin! I will take special orders for this hat in any color combination! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hat..... I promise you will too!!!!!! LB ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspiration of the day!

Today inspiration comes from these pictures and my recent shopping trip through NYC! I found some bracelets made in India which were made out of different studs in all different types of metal. Most of the bracelets were chunky but had different textures and shapes of metal studs! I will post a picture soon! Here are pictures from a fashion shoot that were published in Elle Mexico. I love the styling of these pictures! The hats, clothing and architecture are just amazing! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Milliner's Critique

I am not only a milliner but also a stylist with an eye for style, proportion and color. Originally, I wanted to be a fashion designer but started my career later in life that millinery made more sense to me. Esthetically, architecturally and sculpturally I started reinventing the classic hat shapes! I found that as a milliner I was not limited to traditional shapes and patterns. The freeform blocking technique became my art form.

Today, I enjoy reshaping and even reinventing the traditional shapes. I find that the hat that is well suited to a face needs the eye of a well-trained milliner. It used to be that people were afraid to wear hats, that they didn't like the attention or felt hats didn't look good on them. I find that proportion and shapes are very critical and I bet that even the most savvy customer will find a hat and style from the collection that they will feel comfortable in and will suit their face shape. Remember when selecting a hat, proportion, shape and color are critical!!! Hope to see you soon in an LB hat!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cool Autumn wear!

It finally turned brisk on us... after a sweet transition of seasons! It is time to dust off the vintage cape hanging in the closet! If you can get your hands on a tweed cape even better! reds, camels, khaki, muted greens! Luscious! I am thinking if it isn't too cold, I can pair my cape with the Renaissance in putty color! Suede platform boots in camel to finish the look! If it is chilly wear don this Swinger! It's time to head to the winery or take a trip to Pennsylvania border to check out the antique shops! Just don't forget your hat!