Friday, October 8, 2010

Camel is the color for Au '10

Autumn colors are here!!! I find this season to be so inspirational! I love the orange, gold and camel hues of the season.... yum... think chestnut, pumpkin, squash!

Pair these colors with the "Buttercup" and you are sure to feel renewed for the season! This hat in particular suites most shaped faces and is a very versatile hat! I wore it today and my supplier was so complimentary of the hat!

The "Buttercup" is one of my signature hats and will remain a part of the collection!

Happy Fall!

xxxooo LB ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are BUZZING about in some FAB toppers!!!!

There is a BUZZ.... It's October and autumn is in the air!!!! It is HAT weather! If you have be-friended me on FB you can feel the BUZZ! I invite all women to unite and wear a hat.... Girl Power!!!!! Hats are "hot" and you will feel empowered when you don your topper!

Today, I wore this dandy!! Page Boy! Love this hat! This is absolutely perfect for this October weather and the shape is suitable for most shaped faces! Dress this hat up or dress it down! You cannot go wrong with this very versatile look..... More hats to come!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting Glam for Tommorrow!

I will be dressed in my Sunday best tomorrow as I prepare the pork tenderloin with all of it's fixings for the first of many family gatherings! I have even prepared my garb for the Sunday feast! I will be wearing a this black little number with my black vintage dress! Tis the season! I don't even have to decorate the house because Mr. Spider decided to weave his web to the right of the door! However, I didn't forget the Thanksgiving wreath on the outside of the door. It looks divine. Tonight we added the finishing touches to the dining room with a potted plant to match my decor and the picture of me from my childhood reframed in a gold leaf frame..... I am so pleased! Tomorrow I will post pictures of inspiration for the day's event! For now... here is the little black number I will be wearing!

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Autumn... It's October.... It is time to wear a hat!

I am empowered today! I have been so lucky to meet some pretty amazing women in my community just recently! My calling in life has always been about style and fashion and I feel empowered to inform women about dressing and how to wear a hat. Many women believe they can't wear hats which is untrue. It is my job to let you know that there is a hat for you! Depending upon your shape of face and stature, my hats are not the traditional shapes you are used to seeing. Each crease , fold , height of the crown, shape of the brim, when carefully sought can frame your face like a portrait. It is my duty to make this happen for you and bring out the best of you! Women feel empowered and wear a hat! xxxoooo LB;)