Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Autumn... It's October.... It is time to wear a hat!

I am empowered today! I have been so lucky to meet some pretty amazing women in my community just recently! My calling in life has always been about style and fashion and I feel empowered to inform women about dressing and how to wear a hat. Many women believe they can't wear hats which is untrue. It is my job to let you know that there is a hat for you! Depending upon your shape of face and stature, my hats are not the traditional shapes you are used to seeing. Each crease , fold , height of the crown, shape of the brim, when carefully sought can frame your face like a portrait. It is my duty to make this happen for you and bring out the best of you! Women feel empowered and wear a hat! xxxoooo LB;)

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