Monday, November 29, 2010

The beauty of handmade!

I entertained a house full of guests this past week! The house was full and lively, something I tend to cherish this time of year! My mom brought a scarf set for my daughter that a friend of her's had hand knitted! It was adorable.... then it really dawned on me how special it was because it was made just for my daughter and the thought that my mom's friend had knitted it especially for her. Gifts like this are rare, especially with mass produced being the norm.

My hats are all handmade and entirely handstitched. The creases and folds are unique and asymmetrical because they are all handsculpted! That makes them special and really unlike any other hats you see in the marketplace. Other milliners use preformed blocks in hat shapes and use sewing machines to stitch the headsweats in place. I use a pick stitch to hand sew in each headsweat to the hat. All of these qualities constitute each hat as a one of a kind. The time and effort that goes into a hat is really what sets the hats apart. It is the season that makes me reflect on the true meaning of handcrafted and handmade which is what I am truly about.

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