Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Milliner's Critique

I am not only a milliner but also a stylist with an eye for style, proportion and color. Originally, I wanted to be a fashion designer but started my career later in life that millinery made more sense to me. Esthetically, architecturally and sculpturally I started reinventing the classic hat shapes! I found that as a milliner I was not limited to traditional shapes and patterns. The freeform blocking technique became my art form.

Today, I enjoy reshaping and even reinventing the traditional shapes. I find that the hat that is well suited to a face needs the eye of a well-trained milliner. It used to be that people were afraid to wear hats, that they didn't like the attention or felt hats didn't look good on them. I find that proportion and shapes are very critical and I bet that even the most savvy customer will find a hat and style from the collection that they will feel comfortable in and will suit their face shape. Remember when selecting a hat, proportion, shape and color are critical!!! Hope to see you soon in an LB hat!

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