Friday, September 25, 2009

The creative process behind Lisa Battaglia

You start with inspiration... and then build from there.  Whether you are using say nature, as I did with my collection for the Kentucky Derby...  I found beauty in twigs, feathers, pussy willows... and combined it with a touch of glitz.  The correct proportions are important to the design to keep it elegant and tasteful.  Then I take my forms of straw or velour and shape it with folds, creases and asymmetrical twists to come up with variations of the traditional cloche, bucket, fedora and picture hats.  It is the canvas that I purvey that keeps it interesting... the colors, elements, the odd pairings....  I like creating the unexpected.  As each hat in unique the process in and of itself is unique....  Join me on my next adventure....stay tuned.......

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