Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where I find Inspiration!

My inspiration since I started designing hats has all along been vintage, even before vintage was in style. I guess that is why I pursued a career in millinery. Who does that trade now-a-days anyway.... growing up with 40's music, rummaging through garage sales .... all make me the person I am today.... I also had the fortunate opportunity to see the world and all cultures as a flight attendant for a number of years.

My beginnings are wholesome and humble and I keep these things as core values in my line of work. Color, textures and sillouette are all key when I design a collection. It has to "feel" right. I always say I am a trend-setter and psychic when I design. I have the uncanny ability to "see" what is going to be the next trend... I picked hats because at the time no one was really designing hats and I thought it would be a niche that I could market more easily because a milliner was a "rare" breed!

I hope you find this blog post informative and I appreciate all feedback as I find it necessary to growth of the business!

Keep reading my blog and enjoy!

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