Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guest Appearance on Nostalgia Alley, television show for SOMA TV!

Tonight was my debut on television! I was asked by the host of Nostalgia Alley, Mike to appear as a guest on the show with my friend and advocate, David Heffernan of Revolution in Maplewood, NJ! This was my first appearance on television. I hope you like it! ( and yes, I hope I do too!!) I wasn't really prepared to do the show and didn't know what kinds of questions he was going to ask so don't be too hard on me!! lol!!! Nonetheless, you will hear about my inspiration and have a chance to see styles from the Fall/Winter '11 collection along with Spring/Summer '11 as models take the stage!!! The show will air a bunch of times on SOMA TV and you can see the show on www.youtube.com. Stay tuned for more details!!! LB ;) xo

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