Thursday, July 14, 2011

EDUCATING the client is VITAL!

I just read an article about famed Philip Treacy being outraged by cheaply made fascinators being produced out of China and the popularity of them in High Street fashion. After reading the article I felt compelled to comment on this latest fashion craze of mass produced fascinators, if you will! It is VITAL for any milliner who has studied the craft to EDUCATE the consumer on the process of millinery. We take for granted that people understand what it is we do. This is a HIGHLY SPECIALIZED form of ART and TRUE craftsmanship that not only myself but other milliners would agree to. What we do can not even compete with a mass produced fascinator made in China. The time, quality of materials used, craftsmanship and artist's skilll to create a vision unique to his/her client are all KEY components of MILLINERY. We craftsmen take pride in our highly specialized trade but it is up to every designer to market their product effectively to our clients so that they appreciate what we do and have a clear understanding. We cannot take for granted that everyone was raised with a well-versed cultural background. EDUCATION is the KEY to a milliner's success! It is VITAL!


  1. Hi Lisa,I am an apprentice in millinery and I must agree with you wholeheartedly. I tried to sell a couple of my designs to hat hire shops and although they loved my hats they thought they were too expensive. I explained as to why they were more expensive than those hats they already were selling (which looked like factory made hats!) but although she understood she said that her clients would not understand. However, I managed to sell a couple of the small hats!

  2. It is not the proper outlet... move on.... find the outlets that understand!!! Goodluck!!!

  3. It takes hardwork and perserverence to do this.... but if you believe in what you do and love what you do... and work HARD... it will work!!!