Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Inspiration.... Fall/Winter '12

I have had the pleasure to read a few fashion blogs lately to get more inspiration inside this head of mine. Finding inspiration is key right now as I look for what I would like to do for Fall/Winter '12. I have always liked the darker richer shades and I am being drawn to neutrals, pales and even brighter colors for the collection.... Shades of creamsicle, yellow, brilliant blues, orange, mustard and even red ( which I never work with) are creating my inspiration! The colors themselves create a newness for me in this collection.

As I envision these sorbet of colors, it's as if almost a "swirling" effect is taking a hold of them and creating a variety of lollipops in my head! How is that for inspiration? lol.... maybe the process of swirling these little numbers or instead a prop to be used for a future photo shoot... all ideas now.

I am also inspired by Kate's new number, a freeform hat! There is the freeform on top with a bit of structure for the brim. I like how this hat combines both elements of form to create the unexpected.

I am also finding inspiration with the classic "Dick Tracy" hat! Most of you know it by the fedora. I would like to play with this shape for the next collection. I love this color shown, very masculine but elegant in it's own right. I found this hat on a recent trip to Lambertville, NJ. I love the way this hat makes me feel. I stand tall in this hat! I feel like putting on tap shoes and dancing in this hat. I listen to Frank Sinatra in this hat.

Stay tuned!!!!

LB x

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