Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aunt B and Sun Goddess revisited!

I am back in the studio today designing a new version of Aunt B... Aunt D and an updated version of Sun Goddess. I think I am going to design a few more Sp/Su '11 Resort and Occasion hats for the line. I have had a few clients ask for them and the season is right around the corner. I will finish all the hats by hand but I will be using the sewing machine to sew in the headsweats and to tighten the weave at the edge of the brims... ( ok... too technical, who cares????) I just want to point out that I am revamping the Sp/Su '11 line to be more congruent with manufactured cleaner look without losing the authenticity of the one of a kind look to the asymmetry of the hat!!!!

I am a designer that appreciates the feedback of the client without losing the authenticity of the original designs. It creates a WIN-WIN situation and that is what my business is all about! Each hat is touched by the designer's hands and is a real one of a kind which in fact makes each special but I have opted for a cleaner machine stitch look on the headsweat headband. This is another option that my brand can offer.

Ok.... Off to work in my studio! Have a great day!!!

LB xo ;)

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