Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More on Helena! An artist's inspiration

Helena Bonham Carter plays "Queen" to her own sense of style! When viewing images of her I am struck by her images. She is a great actress who comes across as being very comfortable in her own skin which makes me have a love affair with this actress from afar! Being an artist, you find inspiration in the people who set the precedence rather than follow the lead. Some may think this is going against the grain.... but is it really? These are the leaders in fashion and the cutting edge trend setters! I personally, love her style. She gets it! I'm not saying you need to adopt her "quirky" ( if you will) style.... I am just saying that she feels comfortable in her own skin to dress the way she does. Being a fan of vintage and european fashions, my taste reflects more of a european in this sense. I have traveled the world and have experienced a few cultures that I draw from these experiences when I design my collections. I take the "old" (trimmings, craftsmanship ie. freeform blocking and hand stitching) and merge with the "new" to create new trends in fashion! I look to the leaders on the cutting edge to help me create the next best hat! Thanks to Helena for my latest inspiration! Stay true to who you are.

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