Monday, January 31, 2011

A Tribute to Charles Nolan

One summer day a few years ago, I walked into an eclectic and upscale boutique in the Meat Packing District wearing a vintage 60's dress with a one of a kind hat! Upon my entrance I was greeted by the manager of the store, Linda Melazzo, who instantaneously asked me about my hat! I was honored to tell her my tale as a milliner. After chatting with Linda, she set up a meeting for me to meet Charles and to show him my one of a kind hats. I can remember walking into Charles' studio and opening up my box of hats to show him. I was struck by his presence and his genuine interest in my story. He had a generous spirit about him that I was drawn to. He told me of his interest in supporting underprivileged women and what charitable events he was involved in with regarding this. It was this humanitarian side of Charles Nolan that had me wanting to know more about the man behind the label. He had a god given talent in fashion that he was able to parlay with his charitable cause of interest. I was impressed by his character and found him to be a refreshing part of the fashion business. I think back to that day and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Charles Nolan. He truly was an inspiration!

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  1. There are certain people in "exalted" places that impress us and that feeling stays for such a long time and always gives me a blue print of how to be just a tad better in my own life.

    I was lucky enough to be costumed by Bob Mackie a few years ago for a tv job. He has a way of making even the least important person on a set to be as important as Cher herself. I will take the time I had with him forever!
    To tie this into "hats" I walked into my fitting and there were three midnight blue hats (turn of the century period)I did what I am sure I shouldn't have..I blurted out "THAT ONE I WANT TO WEAR THAT ONE" It was resplendent with big plumage. It was sitting on a couch among two others. He smirked at my bold faux pas and said well I dressed that one myself so that one you shall wear. I puffy heart him.